Here’s a little something on each of these pictures in our Airbnb listing.

Vertical shot of sun beam on wall of Passage canyon, Arizona. I loved the play of light here. It changed at times more than once within a minute, forcing me to meter the shot again. The same place could have fifty different equally “true” representations over the course of the day. If this is a visual treat, you may be able to imagine what it must have been like to be there seeing it in person… [Sep 2010, Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm] More memories from this day.

Slowing the Zeitgeist – Somewhere on the coast of Iceland – from our road-trip around the country in a camper-van. 30s exposure on a Nikon 16-35. Sep 2014


Taken inside Passage Canyon, Arizona. “Flamings of Beauty into Earthly shapes”. More memories from this day.


Bright green streaks and purple swathes cover a starry blue night sky in the Swedish lapland, near Abisko, Sweden. Feb 2013.


Taken while driving around at night, looking for our campground. Eastern Iceland (Lagarfljót), Sep 2014. Nikon 16-35mm


One of my favorite memories from this trip – A moonlit winter sky in Swedish lapland – Was bumbling around in several kilos of arctic clothing, waiting to see the legendary Auroras, when I stopped to capture this. A night to remember! Abisko, Sweden, Feb 2013. 13s exposure on a Nikon D800, 16-35mm.


A surreal play of sunlight on the Sound of Raasay at Skye, Scotland. Sep 2011. Nikon D90. 1/500s f22 on a Tokina.


A solitary bicycle on the frozen Torneträsk lake in Abisko, with a strong aurora on a starry night sky – taken at the Torneträsk lake in Abisko, Swedish lapland. Feb 2013. 15s exposure on a Nikon D800, 16-35mm.


Driving towards the glaciers on Iceland’s “ring road”. Long, barren stretches of surreal dreamscapes. Spent almost 5 minutes testing out different frames while being in the middle of the road. Sep 2014.


The incredibly beautiful horses of Iceland in their natural environment. A delight!


Exploring the romantic Tuscan countryside. Near Monticchiello (commune of Pienza). Sep 2017


An abstract frame of a large ice-block resting on the black sand beach of Jokulsarlon, Iceland. A strange and, quiet & beautiful experience. Zero people around – for miles.


And why not end with the inviting blue waters of a beach in the Caribbean ? :-)